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        Our flexible passenger elevator solution that matches form with function. The perfect all-around passenger elevator for many different building types and uses.

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        The Schindler 5000 passenger elevator integrates the latest technologies to deliver faster handling times for larger passenger volumes with optimum ride quality.

      • Schindler 6000

        The Schindler 6000 is our premium commercial elevator that combines the latest technology, high-end finishes, larger capacities and custom designs.

      • Schindler 7000

        Meet the Schindler 7000, our passenger elevator for high-rise buildings that exceeds the demanding specifications for tall structures.

      • Schindler Villa Lift

        The Schindler Villa Lift brings a new level of luxury to your family home. With stylish and contemporary design options, it offers unique comfort and opulence.

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        We provide appropriate solution for freight, goods & special requirements with various types of bed, glass, panoramic & service elevator.

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        Discover the Schindler 2600 freight elevator for warehouses, shopping centers or industrial facilities. It makes lifting heavy loads a lightweight task.

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        Explore our comprehensive elevator modernization and building renovation solutions; engineered to enhance your elevator's performance and aesthetics.

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        Restore your elevator with our modernization solution which replaces critical electrical components to upgrade the efficiency and performance of your equipment.

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        Renew your elevator with our modernization solution including a new controller, inverter, fixtures, and machine upgrade to ensure a smoother ride experience.

      • RePlace solution

        Replace your existing elevator with our modernization replacement solutions. Enjoy improved equipment operation, plus digitally enhanced mobility.

      • Individual components

        Upgrade individual elevator components like drives and cabin doors to reduce operating costs, satisfy tenants and increase your long-term property value.

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        PORT Technology provides passengers with the lowest possible times to their destinations with the best possible comfort.

    • CleanMobility
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        Explore our solutions that help keep elevators sanitary and safe.

      • ElevateMe

        Our new Schindler ElevateMe mobile application gives elevator passengers the control to interact with elevators using their smartphones.

      • CleanCall

        Our Schindler CleanCall lets passengers select their destination with a simple wave of the hand.

      • CleanCover

        Schindler CleanCover is an antibacterial protective film that covers elevator cabin surfaces that are often touched by passengers, such as the buttons, panels, and walls.

      • PORT Technology & myPORT

        Visitors navigate their way through buildings equipped with Schindler PORT and myPORT using only their phone or personal access card.

      • UV CleanAir

        With Schindler UV CleanAir, the air in elevator cabins is sanitized and cycled more frequently and efficiently.

      • UV CleanCar

        Our Schindler UV CleanCar uses UV-C ultraviolet light to destroy bacteria and viruses in elevators reducing the risk transmission between passengers.

      • CleanSpace

        With Schindler CleanSpace, you can adjust the maximum load capacity in elevators to keep cars from becoming overcrowded.

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        Enhanced safety features, energy efficiency, and space savings, the Schindler 9300 escalator defines state-of-the-art for moving people in commercial & public spaces.

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        The Schindler 9700 escalator is the ideal mobility solution for large public spaces with high-traffic demands, like airports and train stations.

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        Developed with shopping malls in mind, the Schindler 9500AE inclined moving walk provides quiet and comfortable transportation from floor to floor.

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        Explore the Schindler 9500 horizontal moving walk, the ideal solution for public transportation.

    • Modernization
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        Our professional and highly experienced technicians can modernize your escalators and moving walks from simply installing updated components to performing a full replacement.

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        Upgrade your property by replacing your older equipment with new, cutting-edge Schindler 9300 or Schindler 9700 escalators or with Schindler 9500 moving walks.

      • InTruss

        The existing escalator/moving walk is extracted, keeping its truss in place. A new Schindler escalator or moving walk is assembled inside the existing truss.

      • Modernization kits

        Schindler offers modernization solutions in all areas: safety, energy consumption, and appearance, all designed to bring your escalators and moving walks up-to-date, quickly and easily.

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        At Schindler, we’re continuously developing solutions to help keep escalators and moving walks sanitary and safe.

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        Schindler Ultra UV and Ultra UV Pro help to keep handrails clean and reduce bacteria and viruses with an innovative and effective UV-C light system.

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Elevator World Project of the Year 2020 Winner!

For its design, innovative methods and installation, our colleagues in Schindler Lifts Singapore have been awarded the coveted Elevator World Project of the Year 2020 in the category of Escalators, New Construction for the "Jewel Changi Airport" project.

Schindler escalator, Jewel Changi Airport in Singapore

The Jewel Changi Airport - a jewel among airports

Reliably, comfortably, and safely, is how we move people throughout the world. These qualities are really put to the test in high human traffic environments like airports.

One of the busiest for passenger traffic and best (as ranked by Skytrax) airports is Singapore’s Changi Airport.

Earlier this year, our colleagues in Singapore handed over the 178 elevators, escalators, and moving walks at the Jewel Changi Airport (Jewel), which, since it’s opening in April, has quickly become a major landmark in Singapore.

‘Jewel’ is the latest addition and crown jewel to Singapore Changi Airport. Jewel is a joint venture project by Changi Airport Group and CapitaLand. Within Jewel, there is a wide range of offerings including gardens and attractions, over 280 retail and dining options, a hotel and aviation facilities.

Architecture meets excellence

The dome-shaped roof façade was designed with special high-performance architectural glass material, with each glass panel containing a 16mm air gap to insulate against noise emitted from aircraft. Likewise, a series of tests and research were put into ensuring that the glare from the glass surface will not interfere with the daily operations of air traffic. This innovative and iconic project is seamlessly connected to Terminal 1 and linked to Terminals 2 and 3 via pedestrian bridges.

Indoor waterfall and a forest

One of the two key highlights of the Jewel experience is the HSBC Rain Vortex, a 40-metre indoor waterfall with water cascading through an oculus in the roof of the building. Set to be the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, the HSBC Rain Vortex was inspired by the frequent rains in Singapore and complements the lush greenery surrounding the various lifestyle offerings, making it a sight to behold from every floor.

The other highlight, The Shiseido Forest Valley is a verdant four-storey landscape, which houses one of the largest indoor collection of plants in Singapore. The landscaping is designed to allow visitors to shop and dine amidst a resplendent indoor forest of more than 2,000 trees and palms and over 100,000 shrubs.

The main aims of this project were to capture tourism mindshare and entice travellers to choose Singapore as their preferred stopover destination.

Mr Lee Seow Hiang, Chief Executive Officer, CAG, said, "Located at the doorstep of the award-winning Changi Airport, Jewel will be a place where Singapore and the World meet. For international travellers, Jewel will be an exciting tourist destination. For Singaporeans, it will be a playground near home where they can share many happy moments with their loved ones. For our retail partners, the opportunity to reach out to the diverse mix of passengers at a major air hub presents exciting prospects."

Award winning project

For its innovative and iconic design, Jewel has won multiple local and international awards including the MAPIC Award for Best Futura Shopping Centre, MIPIM Asia Award for 3 Best Future Project, the BCA Green Mark Award - GoldPLUS award, the BCA Universal Design (UD) Mark Design GoldPLUS award and the International Architecture Award.

Fascinating challenge for Schindler

Schindler’s involvement in this project helps to move 82 million people every year by connecting Jewel to three of the four terminals. Beyond the operational needs of moving people, Schindler elevators and escalators are also an integral part of the design and user experience, like the panorama elevators within the Shiseido Forest Valley that rise up through the canopy.

Over 3 years, our colleagues in Singapore installed 178 elevators, escalators and moving walks, no small task by itself, but made even more of a challenge as the site sits right in the middle of 3 existing, active terminals. Creative solutions had to be found for the hoisting and installation of the equipment.

Integration of innovative solutions

The innovations deployed at Jewel were not just in installation methods. Jewel is also equipped with the latest Schindler Ahead remote monitoring and predictive maintenance technology to provide greater uptime, insights and convenience to those who work on the equipment as well as those who are responsible for the operation of the facility.

Another innovation at Jewel is the integration of Automatically Guided Vehicles (AGVs) with the elevator control system. Within the hotel, appropriately branded Yotel, Schindler collaborated with Techmetics to integrate robots that deliver room service and independently use the passenger elevators.

Once the AGV receives its commands, it will travel to the elevators and via a wireless communication protocol place a landing call and subsequently an elevator car call to deliver the robot to the necessary floor. The robots can travel with other passengers at the same time and communicate with other passengers to let them know that it will be entering or exiting the elevator.